Meet The Stunning And Endangered ‘Black Forest’ Horses Of Germany

With their shining bright hair and stunning chestnut skin, the Balck Forest Horses will remain in your heart forever once you have seen them.

According to the archives of the Abbey of Saint Peter in the Black Forest, the Black Forest Horses have been documented since the 15th century.

But this amazing horse breed is now endangered. In 2017 there remained only 88 stallions and 1077 mares recorded in the population.

However, before being extinct the Black Forest horses have been used by the Germans for over 600 years. They were mostly used with carriages.

The Black Forest horses have very calm personality and are easily tamed by their owners which is a great option for new and inexperienced horse owners.

Thanks to careful breeding, their numbers are expected to rise shortly.

The wonderful breed is referred to as the “Pearls of the Black Forest” by Black Forest farmers, and it’s easy to see why.