Meet WaIdo, a cute hedgehog known as Britain’s smiliest hedgehog because to his endearing grin.

Nikki, Jackie, and the domesticated hedgehog WaIdo reside in Farnborough. He likes taking the dogs for walks and going to the bar. Since they come from hot African regions, domesticated hedgehogs are known as African pygmy hedgehogs in the West (Algeria, Egypt).

Domesticated hedgehogs have gained popularity as pets since the 1980s. These hedgehogs like warm climates and might be albino or extremely light-colored. Nikki adopted WaIdo from an animal shelter.

The hedgehog proved to be an excellent friend. The new owners then discovered that their prickly cat enjoys grinning when they offer him a treat. Every Friday, Nicki and Jackie take WaIdo to the bar where he socializes with his owners’ friends and indulges in his favorite food, sweetcorn.

WaIdo, who is three years old now, is intelligent, sociable, and gets along well with both people and Nicky’s dogs.

Nikki remarked, “In my view, he was a dog in a prior life.”

As a result, he is adored and showered with presents by all of Nikki and Jackie’s friends. Incredible, huh?