No one can dispute how adorable this small puppy, a mix of several breeds, is.

Because of his distinctive features, Normy is ruling Instagram. He’s hardly the first puppy to become famous online, but you’ve probably never seen anything like him.

This is because the puppy, who is a cross between a Husky and a Pomeranian, exemplifies the best traits of both breeds.

With his bristly little face and heavy bags under his eyes, he sticks out wherever he goes. The dog’s owners had barely acquired him for two months when they got the wonderful notion to give him a social media account.

They were right when they said he had star potential. Over 100,000 people have become fans of the cute dog after the website account was established and the photographs of it started to pour in.

Who could forget such a beautiful face, too? He constantly seems to be grinning and his excitement is contagious, according to everyone! You’ll definitely smile right away just by glancing at a picture of this unusual and cute puppy!