No, this is not a blanket. This is a cute little dog

Sharpey named Harvey is one of the most popular on the Internet and will win the hearts of everyone. The breeders were uniquely oriented toward the fashion of this breed. Its owners are simply crazy about these folds.

Find the dog in this photo.

Sharpey’s ancestors were hunting and fighting dogs. But Harvey has a different story. He is very kind, loving, and caring. By the way, there is almost no wool on his skin, it is very soft.

Harp is only 6 months old.

Its folds are very vulnerable. For example, when a dog drinks some water and it gets into the folds and does not flow out of them, it should be cleaned with extra care. The skin near wrinkles should be moisturized with creams at least once every two days. Sanitation procedures are the most disturbing part, but the owner loves taking care of her pet.

Unfortunately, the dog has vision problems due to folds, because the skin around the eyes is very dependent on birth, and puppies see almost nothing. This problem is solved surgically by a veterinarian.

Now Sharpay Harvey is very popular and has a lot of fans on social networks.

In general, the dog just loves to walk along the beach, and runs on the sand with pleasure, which causes problems with bathing, but what can you not do for your pet?