Oregon woman saves 1 horse — then ends up rescuing 200 more animals

When Claire Staples turned 50, she decided to do something meaningful with her life. She had a small ranch in California and decided to rescue a couple of horses. After a couple of years of rescuing, she bought a 9000-acre ranch (Skydog Sanctuary) in Oregon.

Recently she brought the skinniest horse she had ever seen named Dream. The horse was a branded mustang but in an awful condition. Claire had set up a board of timings of the feeds on the fence and checked every hour whether she had to feed the horse or not. Soon Dream began to wait impatiently near the fence. There was a strong bond between Claire and Dream.

Claire claimed that horses were her first love but with Dream she has a special bond. Soon the horse began to feel and look much better and claire was pleased with the results.

From now on thanks to the dedicated work of Claire Skydog Sanctuary has over 200 equines and is still growing.