Otter makes a joke about his sister snatching his favorite food.

Kitaro and Hina are two pet otters that reside with their caring owner in Tokyo, Japan. Kitaro can’t get enough of his favorite foods, which are either fish or chicken. He accepts the gifts gladly while keeping an eye on his proprietor’s dinner.

Even Hina couldn’t keep her gaze away from the delicious dish while her sibling ate it. While Kitaro looked furiously at her, she joined her sibling at the Super Bowl and snacked on the food. He made it clear that it was his bowl.

Hina was unconcerned about her sibling’s justification for allowing her to eat from his dish. She did, however, lovingly surrender the meal. The proprietor then took personal care of Hina. When her brother came to eat her food, Hina proceeded to prod him.

As Hina sipped from her dish, Kitaro stood silently. Minutes later, the two otters were seen playing with their toys. In any event, Kitaro would prefer to keep his toys than share them with Hina.

The otter approached her owner and asked for a new toy, which he promptly delivered. Hina started playing with it right away and even got a snake as a toy.