People were startled by the sight of a little puppy peeking over the fence.

Junebug is a lovely puppy. Her look is a little strange. Her face resembles that of a human. Her photo went viral on the internet, prompting comments such as, “I’ve never been so afraid of a dog.” They compared her to the Joker or other terrifying heroes.

Tim, the dog’s owner, claims that despite her reputation as a frightening beast, she is an attractive and charming animal. She is the epitome of perfection. Everyone who sees her falls in love with her right away. She is the most endearing puppy I’ve ever met.

But how was she going to get over that high fence? The owner says that their garden has a privacy fence, and when the curious dog wants to look about, they hoist her up and let her see everything.

Tim had no idea that the adorable photo would go viral and that people would be terrified of their adorable cat. She is a respected member of their family who is admired by everybody.