Protective Dog Takes Care Of Newborn Baby, They Are Inseparable Now

Olivia Lachernauer had an amazing dog named Penny. Penny was a calm but meanwhile playful and energetic dog.

Olivia told The Dodo that her dog became more attentive to her, especially during her pregnancy period. She was very happy to see her lovely owner with a big belly. She knew perfectly that the “belly” would be her friend someday so she kept cuddling and petting the big belly.

When Olivia was in her last trimester the dog became unusually nervous. Though she was a calm dog that day she acted very strangely. She kept tucking her nose on the belly instead of being at Olivia’s side. And the protective dog hadn’t been mistaken it was that day. Olivia gave birth to her son that day and understood why her dog was so nervous.

Penny became a real caring mother-friend for the baby ad from that day on they were inseparable.