Rescue dog insists on visiting the gym with dad every day

Joshua’s boss’s husband had found a Labrador later named Allie and Joshua took the poor dog home.

When the kind man took the stray dog to the vet it turned out that the dog was used to having puppies and now she couldn’t have any. That’s why his former owners threw her to the streets.

But Joshua changed Allie’s life completely. he did everything that the dog overcame her last difficulties and could live a happy life. First, the dog was afraid and couldn’t trust anyone. She kept her tail between her legs and was sitting somewhere alone.

Soon Allie undertood that Joshua was her rescuer and wouldn’t do nay harm to her and strated to wag her tail when she saw her new an kind owner. Joshua took her almost everywhere as the dog felt protected with im. The man even took her to the gym where Allie sat and followed patiently her owner. And when someday Joshua didn’t bring the dog everyone were askind what’s wrong with Allie.

This is how you can make your surroundins better and to make other’s life happier. Don’t abuse your pets and throw them away without any serious reason as they don’t have any relatives or friends except for you.