Rescued cow is best man at dad’s wedding

It all started with pigs. Animal lover Ryan began an animal sanctuary several years ago to change the way people see farm animals.

As word of his work spread, a farmer’s daughter reached out to Ryan to see if he would adopt a newborn cow. He happily invited the cow to live at his sanctuary, and the two became fast friends.

Thankfully, Ryan’s wife, Mallory, also loves animals and understood when Ryan asked Jenna to walk him down the aisle. Jenna was a fantastic addition to their wedding.

Each day, Jenna waits at the back door for Ryan to hug her. She will loudly moo if Ryan doesn’t come soon enough. Ryan often reads Jenna children’s books and plays with her.

The couple has opened their kitchen window as a drive-thru for Jenna to come by and get snacks. She pokes her huge head through and receives carrots and lettuce.

Ryan knows it takes a special person to understand his relationship with Jenna. Mallory accepts their friendship, and the couple has even added two more cows to their family.

Ryan hopes people realize pets and farm animals are the same. He believes that the golden rule should extend to animals and people. Let’s take care of them like we do each other.