Rescued sheep watches TV & plays ball

Steve was a fortunate lamb that lived with a family which treated him as a real family member.

The family took him when he was searching for a forever home and from that day on he lived a happy and funny life. But the goat was a bit naughty. He had a habit of going into the house and pulling out the flour and the pasta from the pantry. After doing so Steve was jumping on the couch and was watching TV with his dog brother.

Steve liked going for a walk but with a leash and with his lovely family. HGe adored oranges and every time he saw the orange tree he pulled and squeezed the juice of the oranges.

He loved his owners’ son and though that he was his brother. Steve liked to play with him in the playground but most of all the lamb liked to jump on the trampoline. He liked the trampoline so much that didn’t let anyone else to climb on him.

The sheep liked to play hide and seek with the boy and the family anjoyed watching them from the side. The family was very happy that especially Steve was their sheep.