Senior Dog Waiting For A Home Really Does Hope Age Is Just A Number

Daisy is a fantastic senior dog who was brought to RSPCA as her master had some difficulties fro caring properly for the dog. The senior dog has been living in the house for 12 years and for her it was devastating to be in a shelter.

She felt very depressed as she wanted to play and spend her time with someone who would pay attention to her. Despite her age Daisy is very energetic and age is really just a number for her. However, the one who will adopt the kind dog should know that their house will be filled with loyalty and various games.

If you are interested in adopting this cute senior dog contract with RSPCA for more detailed information.

The shelter staff claims that the dog is a fantastic one to be adopted. People who are going to be her owners won’t feel bored with her. Daisy takes short naps during the day and the owners should take this into account as the dog’s age “demands” this.