Smart stray puppy follows man house and after that leads him to help his stray friends

Dogs are faithful not only to their owners but also to their dog buddies. The hero of our story thinks about his friends too and helps them find a forever home.

One day a guy was returning home when he noticed a sweet puppy. Though the puppy was stray he looked very well. He attracted the guy so much that he took the puppy home.

When they reached home the puppy didn’t get in immediately, First, he was a little afraid. But when he realized that his rescuer wasn’t intended to harm him he began to wag his tail and entered the house.

The other morning the dog woke up and insisted on going out. The guy, however, took him out and followed his steps.  It turned out that the dog hadn’t been alone in the street but had many other stray friends. When the guy saw the other puppies he took them all home. He brought them to the vet and checked their health. Soon the dogs were at the guy’s home safe and sound.