Stray Dog Tracks Down Kind Guy Who Feeds Her Daily, Ends Up Getting A “Job” At His Workplace

On a beach in Johor Bahru, Malaysia was noticed a stray dog roaming all day long. Her name was Sally and he was roaming with a pack of several dogs.

One day a man named Mohd Ridhuan spotted the pack of dogs when he was visiting the beach with a friend. He started to feed the dogs and Sally liked it very much.

She became attached to the man and started to wait for his visits very impatiently. Son she couldn’t wait for so long and chased the man to know where he went after the usual visits.

She discovered that Ridhuan worked in a store and remembered the place of the store very well. Soon the dog was noticed near the store very frequently. Ridhuan was very glad to see his beloved dog near his workplace. They became close friends.

Soon Ridhuan started to post the dog’s photos and helped her find a warm and forever home.