Stray Kitten Approaches Man In Parking Lot And ‘Begs’ To Be Adopted

When animals need help they can’t just take it and cry “HELP ME!” The poor animals should wait so long that someone will someday pay attention to them. But this kitten knows how to express his feelings.

One day Jason Belisha was walking in the street when he heard a meow from somewhere. When he searched for the sound he found a little kitten under the car. The kitten immediately came out and started to sniff Belisha. He even rub up against the kind guy showing that he needed something and this was love.

Belisha felt that the kitten wanted to be petted and started to pet hime gently. The kind guy, however, couldn’t take him and left him in a arking lot. But after a few steps he noticed that the kitten was determined to chase him. So Belisha couldn’t leave the kitten there as he felt that the little one needed love and attention.

He took him to the nearest shelter where, to his dismay, was no place for the little one and the shelter staff apologized for this. Belisha couldn do nothing but to takethe kitten with him. So they went home together. The kitten was very cute and playful and he dealt with Belisha’s dog very well.

But Belisha couldn’t keep him forever so he found a safer place for him. One of his friends was ready to welcome the cute kitten. The little but smart kitten could find himself a safe ome due to the kind-hearted passer-by Belisha.