Super Rare Albino Turtle Spotted In Australia Amazes Local Wildlife Experts

A super-rare albino turtle hatched on the Great Barrier, Reef island has been given a slim chance of survival by local specialists.

Green sea turtle hatchlings often have a dark grey shell, greenish skin, and a white or pastel yellow undershell. This rare turtle on the island has pink-white skin and a reddish-orange shell.

Only one in 100,000 turtles is born with albinism. As this turtle was born with albinism he had weak eyesight and sensible skin. The turtle’s eyesight is hampered because of Melanin’s function in optic nerve growth.

‘These little guys they struggle to get out of the nest and if they do they’re not well suited to the environment,’ said Jim Buck, the Island’s Ecosystem Management Officer.

There are just a few species of green sea turtles, and they’re critically endangered. Researchers on Lady Elliot Island said the southern Great Barrier Reef population has expanded by 3% to 4%