The biggest number of puppies ever born to a Dalmatian mama sets new records

Dogs are known for giving birth to numerous puppies. Dalmatians, in instance, have six to nine puppies every litter on average.

But no one could have predicted what would happen when a Dalmatian named Nellie became pregnant.

A litter of 18 dogs had been born by the time the mama dog had given birth, a record-breaking family at the moment.

Nellie the Dalmatian is expecting a child.

Nellie became pregnant before the age of 3. Her veterinarians estimated she would have only three babies at the time. It wasn’t until she began giving delivery that everyone realized how much the vets were off the mark.

Nellie’s mother, Louise Clement, stated that when she went into labor, Nellie had an easy time, but the puppies just kept coming. Nellie was finally done after more than 14 hours of labor, having given birth to ten boys and eight girls. That’s quite a brood!

“I assumed she’d stopped after number 15 because she appeared to have fallen asleep.” But then another one appeared, followed by two more. Nellie is going to be a fantastic mother. “I’m very proud of her; she’s been incredible,” Clement added.

That’s a large litter of puppies, but Clement seems unconcerned. Her home is geared up for a huge number of newborns because she is a breeder.