The cat took in a particularly odd youngster as a foster mother.

You are aware that other people’s children do not exist. You can’t help but help, especially if the infant is really young and vulnerable. And now we’re not just talking about people, but also animals. After all, no mother would ever refuse to assist a child, even if it was her own.
Stephanie Meyer, a citizen of the United States, posted a moving tale on her Facebook page, and we chose to share it with you as well.
Her cat just gave birth to kittens. At the same time, the ebony beauty had five enchanting children.

They discovered another “kitty” close to the newly-made mother a few days later, which turned out to be adopted. It was always dangling around her neck.

It was a little opossum, as it turned out. No one knew how he ended up in this home, but the cat turned out to be a sweetheart who took him in.

It’s worth mentioning that opossums are born quite feeble, must spend another 1.5 months in their mother’s bag, and even after that, survive on their mother’s back for a while. Later on, kids learn to live alone.

Most likely, this infant was unable to sit on his mother’s back and fell to the ground. The possibility that the infant opossum was simply abandoned cannot be ruled out. And, fearing that this infant might perish, the kind cat proceeded to care for him as if he were her kitten.

But the most important point is that the “no man’s” opossum is no longer in danger. He is not hungry, and he is not cold. He will reach the age of adulthood one day. He will then abandon his foster family.