The dog led a guy to the mountains in order to save a child who had been abandoned there.

Last December, on the Philippine island of Cebu, an incredible story unfolded. Jenrell was driving up a mountain road to his house on that day. He, like the majority of the islanders, used his bike to go around.

A dog appeared in front of him at one point. She growled a lot and attempted all she could to get people’s attention. Jenrell came to a halt, and it became evident that the dog was trying to get his attention.

The man dismounted and walked beside the beast. After a few minutes, the dog began to whirl and whimper around a bundle at the local rubbish dump. What a shock – he noticed the baby!

Jenrell phoned the cops right away. The baby turned out to be a boy, and a doctor’s checkup confirmed that he was completely healthy and had no injuries on his body.

The puppy was entirely forgotten in the midst of all the chaos. However, she was discovered in the same spot a week later. It was revealed that she is not homeless and holds a master’s degree. The local organization «Hope for Strays» also sent gifts to the owners’ home.

Blackie is the dog’s name, and she lives in the house with eleven other four-legged buddies.

Regrettably, the proprietors’ financial condition is precarious. However, they will now be assisted by a charity organization as a token of appreciation for raising such a perceptive and caring dog.