The dog said a sorrowful goodbye to his dear companion on his final journey.

Pepper and Jaari were excellent friends despite their apparent opposites. When Jari said her goodbyes to Peppy last month, she refused to admit her sadness. Tona, Peppy’s owner, adopted Jaari at the age of eight.

Peppy and Jaari were fast friends even though Peppy was already quite old when they met. They eventually started to play. It was hilarious because when Jaari interacts with large dogs, she now acts like a chihuahua.

Jaari has always admired and looked up to her older brother, and the two have spent many happy years together. As Peppy grew older, his health began to suffer. Jaari seemed to notice when Peppy wasn’t feeling well and went out of her way to assist her.

In the last month of his life, Peppy’s health began to decline. Peppy got out of bed and walked over to the last spot under the tree. He looked to be telling his family that he was ready.

Jaari has spent five years with her best friend, and when she misses him, she knows she can find him by walking to the tree.