The dog that slept on a concrete floor for 8 years now has all the comfy beds she deserves

Lola never imagined that one day, after so many hardships, she would be able to sleep in a soft spot.

When the woman noticed the dog on a chain in a small garage, she immediately contacted the Animal Rescue Service.

Volunteers arrived immediately and saw the poor dog sleeping on the concrete floor in the small garage. The chained dog spent 8 years there.

The dog started wagging its tail when it saw the volunteers, as it sensed they were its rescuers. For this, kind rescuers called him «wavy ass.» The dog behaved very positively after so much suffering.

After treatment and surgery to remove some of the tumors, Lola was adopted by Charlene. Lola was the happiest dog at the time. She began to sleep where she wanted in the house. Once a woman found herself sleeping in two beds at once. The dog felt the softness of the blankets and pillows and could not believe that he could rest there.

Sacher immediately rescued the two dogs, as was said. When you adopt a dog, you make room at the shelter for another. In short, you «kill two birds with one stone.»