The first cat to enter the new shelter plans to remain there for the remainder of his life.

The crew had no idea at the time, but their most memorable feline would also be the one that would never leave them. The cat was discovered with terrible scars on all four legs in a nursery shed.

He looks to have been hit by a car and then dragged himself to the shed to receive medical attention. If he hadn’t been spotted and hurried to a vet as soon as possible, he would have only had a few hours to survive.

‘Our representative brought him to the veterinarian. In an official statement, the shelter’s director remarked, “He was the primary creature we invited to the shelter and he has been in our consideration from that point forward.”

The feline’s therapy and rehabilitation took a long time due to the severity of his ailment.

He was happy to be back at the haven once he was completely recovered. The staff decided to make him their resident kitten since they didn’t think he should be allowed to leave.

They couldn’t stomach leaving him behind after everything he’d been through.

Since then, the kitty has become something of a celebrity in the community, warmly greeting everyone who walks through the shelter’s doors.