The grownups were hesitant to take a chance, but this child was not, and he stepped into the ditch to save the dog.

At the age of 12, a little kid named Alexander committed a truly heroic act. He retrieved the dog from the gutter, where the baby was on the verge of drowning.

In the rain, the puppy’s mother gave birth to her cub under the shelter. However, one dog was washed into the ditch by a violent downpour, but the small one was fortunate since Sasha happened to be passing by at the moment.

Because the ditch was too narrow, the boy’s arm was wounded. Passers-by who witnessed this behavior rushed to the ambulance. Sasha’s actions were not overlooked.

The hero’s renown began to spread, and he became extremely popular in his hometown. People are ecstatic that such a bold young man is growing up in their area.

The kid received the Courage Award from the Youth Center. And we are grateful that such youngsters exist in our world, as it indicates that there are high expectations for a bright future. We also want to thank Sasha’s parents, who were able to inculcate dignity, commitment, and a passion for animals in their son from an early age.