The mother abandoned the young foal, but the dog would not leave him alone.

A sympathetic dog comforts a foal. Only a few days after he was born, his mother died. Everyone on the farm was surprised by this extraordinary bond between dog and foal, as a dog had never shown such compassion for any animal before.

Zipper was rescued as a puppy and has spent his entire life on the family farm. When it comes to caring for animals, Zipper has never been the friendliest dog.

Zipper, on the other hand, surprised everyone a few months ago by revealing that he is the sweetest dog you’ll ever meet.

‘We consistently grow foals,’ Zipper’s owner recounted, ‘and he would sneak out the door and simply gaze at them.’ ‘However, that evening he stayed with me in the barn all night: the foal was lying in the lane and close to the foal.’

Zipper could feel something wasn’t quite right that night. When they saw Zipper sleeping with his partner every night, they couldn’t believe their eyes.

As the foal got larger and became an adult horse, the animals’ communication became less frequent, but it was the dog that encouraged her to continue.