The raccoon has become friends with a dog and now acts like one.

Last year, Rose, a nice woman, discovered a newborn raccoon that had fallen from a height. Because the infant had broken her leg, Rose didn’t notice her mother close to place. Rose and her daughter Lara decided to bathe and feed the young raccoon for this reason.

The young raccoon immediately adjusted to his new circumstances and made friends with his entire family. The wild animal had such an impact on the family that they decided to bring it home and raise it with her spouse.

Pumpy encountered two dogs in her new home, both of whom were adopted by this loving and devoted family. Pumpy rapidly grew infatuated with animals after discovering a shared language with them.

Pumpy’s owner claimed that she nearly never leaves the dogs alone for more than a minute. The infant, who has grown and developed into a robust young man, is extremely interested and wants to communicate with his peers at all times.

She likes chasing the dogs, playing with them, and joining in on the excitement. However, he understands when to stop and respects her friends, so she is not harsh to them.