The Scottish woman showed her body all covered with tattoos

Usually parents educate their children to be a good person and never think about their bad habits that can arouse as a result of not knowing how to deal with them. And so they can be shocked from some problems they can encounter.

Nadine Anderson was once her father’s favorite daughter. But now he cannot look at his own child without an annoyance!
But the appearance of Nadine is largely the result of his example. The man from his youth became interested in tattoos. And when his daughter grew older she learned something from her Dad.

And so Nadine came to dad with such a wish that she also wants to decorate her skin with drawings. The father responded sharply, saying that he would not sponsor it. And so Nadine herself found the source of the money.

It all started with one small tattoo and ended up with the fact that now her body is 90% covered in tattoos! Now Nadine can’t even say approximately how many creations are on it. The girl used her beautiful face too! She didn’t economize also the money: in total, about 15 thousand pounds sterling was spent.

The father is sure that his daughter is simply crazy. Other relatives are of the same opinion. Moreover,Nadine can’t improve her career because of her tattoos. Not every employer admits such an employee!

However, the girl did not stop at tattoos! She was fascinated by her body and such an art created on it. She also has a lot of piercings.

And what do you think about her such decision?