The Starving Injured Dog Immediately Jumped Into The Woman’s Hands As His Only Hope

One day a woman was driving home when she noticed something moving in the street. She stopped the car and approached the bushes. There was a miserable dog who tried to jump out of the bushes.

When the dog felt that this was his rescuer he jumped into the woman’s arms as a sign of gratitude. The woman contacted volunteers who took the dog to the Howl of a Dog rescue organization. The dog was taken to the vet as he had injured legs. It seemed as if the poor dog was hit by a car and as to the wounds he was in that condition for a very long time.

He had an operation on his leg and soon was healed. Due to the kind caretakers, the dog soon was ready to meet his new owners.

The dog was named Vlad and was adopted by a very warm family who made the dog forget about his past miserable condition.