The train conductor stopped his train full of passengers to save the little turtle stuck on the tracks

A kind decision of a train conductor. He stopped his train to save a little animal

Sometimes it can happen, that animals get into dangerous places. And in such situations they need to be helped to move to safer places.

It’s a very appreciative deed, when someone helps the animal, that was in need.

In this story the train conductor stopped the train to help the turtle stuck on the tracks. He put the animal to the other side of the fence, in order another train wouldn’t pass away the animal.

After the incident Serhat told, that the animal was very happy and quickly walked away. He thinks, that saving the little turtle was the right decision, although passengers might not understand him.

After saving the animal Serhat explained everything to his passengers and everyone was glad hearing this story.

He also says, that all living creatures are our friends and it’s our responsibility to save them in such situations.