They rescued a kitten, the dog assisted in its upbringing, and now the kitten believes it is a dog, which is absolutely wonderful.

A few years ago, a guy rescued a little kitten and elected to adopt him. The man carried the small kitten home, sure that he would be welcomed by his family of dogs.

In fact, they did. In any event, the dogs not only accepted him as one of their own, but they also played with him as if he were one of them.

Azmail the cat is now a full-fledged member of the pack. They truly play together and take great care not to hurt one other.

Azmail also goes on walks with his family, as if that wasn’t enough. The man discovered the kitten in a street sewer and carried him home.

‘We observed the small cat was highly interested in our dog from the first day he arrived at our place.’ The dog was confused how to deal with the little animal at first, but after a few hours, he realized the kitten was just another comrade.

He looked after the kitten. ‘Azmail basically accompanies us on our daily stroll. It’s as if we have three canines. He isn’t frightened of other dogs and even defends them when they upset ours.’