This 5-Year-Old Girl Sneaked A Baby Cow Into Her Home To Cuddle With It

When her mother, Billie Jo Decker, discovered the cuddling duo, the girl started fibbing immediately to cover her tracks. Her mom saw through her ruse, but couldn’t stay mad when she saw the two settle down for a nap together. Take a look!This is the first thing mom saw when she walked into the porch

5-year-old Breanna began to explain – the door was open…

…Izzy the calf just waltzed right in to cuddle all on her own.

There’s no way Breanna led her in there to cuddle with her.

None at all.

Sure. Right.

Breanna tried to get brownie points by saying that she had cleaned up Izzy’s poop

But mom was having none of it… until they started cuddling like this!

Izzy has been Breanna’s pet calf ever since she was born

Her mother had her in a swamp, so Izzy had been sick with pneumonia, but it looks like she found a good doctor!