This husky’s amazing recovery demonstrates the power of love and care.

Here is a story of a poor dog who overcame the difficulties of life and had a vigor to become more powerful and beautiful.
Finn was a tiny Husky when adopted and was a present for a wife. but when the couple divorced the dog’s condition changed too. He was chained for two years and didn’t have even a roof.

So the poor dog was in awful condition when rescuers found him. Finn was treated at the Pet Angels Rescue facility.

He was lucky that he had such a caring staff that worked very hard on him. They did every possible and impossible thing to make the dog look better as his skin was missing the fur. He looked like a pile of bones.

But soon due to the kind-hearted people the dog looked very handsome and attractive. He was so charming that a family immediately adopted him after a few months. Not Finn is very happy with his forever home and warm family.