This magnificent eagle mother defends her nest despite being covered in snow.

To safeguard her future offspring, the mother will go to any length. The female bald eagle refused to abandon the nest even after it was nearly entirely covered with snow! However, she continued to reheat the eggs to allow the chicks to view the light.

Cameras have long been used by ornithologists to observe how these beautiful birds raise their young. However, viewers were more anxious than usual about them this year.

Because the winter was bitterly cold and the nest was snow-covered, the mother was unable to move. Female eagles spend 80% of their time sitting on eggs, while male eagles are in charge of feeding, catching fish, and small animals.

The eagles are unable to leave their nest once they have laid their eggs. The mother eagle would perch on her eggs to keep them warm during a snowstorm, hailstorm, or neck-deep snow. When she was entirely submerged in snow, the eagle fluffed her feathers and burst the shackles.

She flipped the eggs with her beak and massive claws before returning to the nest. And she had to wait a bit longer for her watch to run out because the chicks were only a week away. Newborn chicks stay in the nest for three months while their parents feed them. They will thereafter require flight training.