Thoroughly spoiled pet squirrel becomes Employee of the Month

Jill is a 9-years-old squirrel who was saved by the Hurrican Issac. When she was just 4 weeks old she fall out of her nest in Louisiana.

Jill was supposed to be released into the wild but her current family didn’t want it as she became the permanent member of the family.

She liked to follow the family members but her mom was special for her. Jill followed her mom when she was hungry and teh owner decided to make squirrel’s life more interesting. She created a food bell for her and every time she was hungry she would ring the bell to get her food. The squirrel liked to jump in the fridge and ask for something to eat.

Jill’s mother often massaged the squirrel and made her fall asleep faster.

The owners loved her truely and her mom even took her to her workplace. She entered the bag and went to work like humans. There Jill sat in front of the notebook and surfed teh interned. There she became the best worker and even got a certificate.