Two Golden Retrievers’ priceless reaction to meeting their newborn human for the first time

The special bond between the gentle Retrievers and a newborn cutie

A baby’s long-waited birth is undoubtedly one of the most special events but the forming connection between the newborn and the family with pets is a gradual process and requires much time.

This fascinating video initially posted on Tiktok platform reveals two awesome Retrievers encountering with their new human friend for the very first time.

Happily celebrating their little brother’s birth, they seemed the happiest and the most excited dogs in the world.

In the following footage we can clearly witness their first encounter with each other and the friendly dogs’ priceless reaction. This relatively short but admirable footage gained over 15 million views with the warmest reactions from the audience.

The wonderful video was liked more than 2 million times showing the dad approaching to the fascinated dogs with the cute newborn in his hands.

The friendly animals got so happy and excited that they couldn’t stop wagging their tails.

The man got so close to the dogs being more than sure he could surely trust and rely on his companions hoping that one day they would make lifelong friends with the baby.

The precious moment was truly heartwarming. They gently touched the newborn getting used to his smell and showed no signs of aggression or discomfort. They are definitely going to befriend with each other very soon