Until he decides to adopt her, a shelter rescued dog hugs the news reporter in a loving hug.

Adopting a pet is a huge responsibility and a life-changing choice.

Before deciding on a dog or cat to adopt, we must consider the numerous challenges and responsibilities we will encounter while caring for our future companions.

However, we may get a pet unexpectedly, even though we had no intention of adopting one. They chose us as their future owners in such instances. I think that animals, particularly dogs, have a sixth sense of emotion that they utilize to select a lifelong companion.

The hero of this beautiful story was just such a sensitive dog, who after only a few seconds of meeting an unfamiliar human, knew in her heart that she had met her new owner. When a news writer came to the shelter to cover a story that had nothing to do with this puppy, he had no idea that he would make an important choice to adopt a dog after only a few minutes.

Several dogs were curious about this journalist throughout his job, but only this brave dog ventured to approach him without fear or hesitation, and she suddenly embraced the shocked journalist. Her heart-melting deed astounded everyone in the shelter, and it was even recorded on camera and published on social media, where it went viral. The heartfelt contact lasted only around 30 seconds, yet it was long enough to convey pleasant sensations and emotions that captured everyone’s heart.

The dog was bored of being in the shelter, and when he saw the reporter, he knew he should be her owner. Leaning her head on the reporter, she pushed him to hug her. The journalist began to pet her head, indicating that she had made a hasty choice to adopt her. Who could refuse such a cute dog? Of course, the reporter fell in love with the sweet puppy and decided to adopt her, promising to provide her with love, care, and a lifelong home.

Here’s a video of the emotional moment: