Vets save Chihuahua puppy’s life after she’s shot through the neck with arrow

According to the Riverside County Department of Animal Services, the 4-month-old Chihuahua puppy was found when a woman called 911. Animal Services officer Matthew Perez responded to the call and it turned out that the dog had serious injuries. The poor puppy had an arrow punctured through her neck.

An arrow through the neck can be a fatal injury as it can puncture vital arteries. Luckily enough, the puppy’s case wasn’t that. After the vet examined the dog with x-rays and told that the arrow could be removed safely.

The dog’s case was was overseen by Registered Veterinary Technician Ivan Herrera and Animal Services staff veterinarian Dr. Luis Lizarraga. The veterinarians did their job perfectle and save dthe pupy’s life.

The staff of the Animal Services was shocked. Who could have done such a cruel thing to such an innocent puppy. It’s disguisting but the Animal Services’ main job was to find not the abusers but a safe place for the puppy where he would never feel such pain. Only a loving family could make this dog forget his hardships and trust people again.