When a baby fox discovers a woman’s yard, she determines it is now hers.

Emma was in her office towards the end of July, working on something. When she opened the kitchen door to let some fresh air in, she had the distinct sensation that she wasn’t alone.

Emma’s first meeting with the fox occurred at that point. She gradually put together her origin story as the fox continued to arrive in her yard on a daily basis.

It didn’t take the fox long to adjust to her new surroundings. She now acts as though she’s lived there her entire life. She hangs out on the outside sofa, hangs out with the cats, and sneaks into the house every now and then to steal Emma’s slippers.

After she understood it was safe, the fox began bringing her sister around. Emma’s yard has now become their own playground for the two of them. Emma infuriated the fox by making it impossible for the pair to return home once she learned they had slipped inside the house.

They are still in their infancy, since the fox and her sister are just approximately 4 months old. The adorable little fox pups merely needed a safe haven to grow up in. Emma is ecstatic that they choose her yard as a safe refuge.