When a lady can’t find her ring, she finds it was eaten by her beloved dog.

A woman in England feared she’d lost her wedding ring forever until she discovered it had been devoured by her dog! Elana was surprised to find her valuable stone ring missing from her bedside table, where she had placed it the night before.

When she found a shredded box of tissues on the floor, she quickly recognized who had received the ring. Steve, her beloved pet dog, who had crept into the room, devoured it. Elana, on the other hand, went to the vet with her dog.

Steve had swallowed her mother’s precious ring, according to the x-ray. Realizing that the ring had been missing was a very encouraging moment for the lady, but now the problem was figuring out how to get it back!

In any event, Elana and her better half underestimated the difficulty of retrieving Steve’s stomach ring. After the dog fled, they even utilized a metal finder to follow him.

They eventually discovered him after four days. ‘We even bought a metal detector to attempt to find it, and it eventually surfaced on the fourth day,’ the lady revealed.