When a man came close to the starving and suffering dog, he started to whine, when he touched his head

Please, don’t be indifferent! There are many animals, that need your help

The homeless animals live on the street, as their owners discard them as an uninteresting toy. When the pet gets older or ill, people get rid of him as a rubbish.

People go through these loyal animals like they didn’t exist. They even want to injure them, because they present a threat. But this is not about them, but the people, who didn’t pass through them and wanted to make some difference in the world.

The man heard, that a dog was found in a river ditch and was in a very awful situation. He went to find him. He fed the pure creature and it was obvious, that the dog wanted a human contact. The animal started to cry when the guy touched him.

The pure animal was taken to the vet and bathed, it was examined and given an appropriate treatment. The dog’s name was Biggie, he is now healthy, well-fed and cared. They managed to find a loving family for him.

There are many such homeless animals in the area. They need help, love and care. Please, don’t be indifferent, the good always returns!