When a woman takes over an animal sanctuary, euthanasia is reduced.

Even though there are several no-kill shelters around the country, many animals must still be murdered if they are unable to find a permanent home. This was especially true for animals at a Texas shelter, where the death rate was disturbingly high.

Almost all of the animals in the shelter had to be put down, but that number was rapidly reduced because of the efforts of a kind, hardworking, and loving woman. This woman is an extraordinary animal lover who gave up her job to save animals.

The public shelter was in bad shape and desperate need of repairs and renovations. There was no running water or electricity when she decided to take over the refuge.

The budget was limited, and there were just insufficient funds to accomplish all of the necessary repairs. The shelter was also in bad shape. Euthanasia was performed every Wednesday due to an overpopulation of animals.

The woman was heartbroken to learn that so many animals were never able to find new homes.

The woman began asking close acquaintances, coworkers, and family members if they had any spare groceries right away. In a matter of days, she had cartons of vital animal supplies.