When the man reunited with his pets he began to cry with joy

When the owner of two incredible Siberian Huskies Hernandez lost them he became devastated. The dogs had gone out from the yard and disappeared. He spent his whole time looking for them in everywhere but all in vain. He even used fliers in his area thinking that someone would see them and call him.

But Hernandez didn’t know that his adorable companions were safe and taken to a shelter. Someone found them on the street and called the shelter staff to move them to the center thinking that they were stray and helpless.

After some days the man noticed the flier and understood that there were the same animals he helped to be transported to the shelter. So he gave Hernandez the location to go and get his pets.

When the owner saw his loving friends he couldn’t help his tears. He was hugging them gently and affectionately. He was literally overjoyed. Their reunion was so touching and heartwarming. The man decided to put microchips on them not to lose them again.

Their warm meeting is something to be appreciated and admired.