Woman cleaning dirt from chipmunk’s chin makes the little furball sleepy

In Canada, A woman and her husband lived in a forest. Their house was located in an inquisitive place of the forest where it was possible to interact with wildlife. The woman loved the wild animals very much but most of all she liked squirrels. Her favorite squirrels were Joony and Chucky.

One day Joony came to visit her favorite humans and was very dirty after the rain. The kind woman started to clean the little squirrel and rubbed her gently. It made Joony drowsy and closed her eyes as if she was sleeping.

Another day Chucky came to visit and wanted to eat everything she saw. She put the almonds, nuts, and many other things in her mouth. The woman and her husband loved playing with the little ones and feeding them with great pleasure.

One day Chucky also came very dirty and the woman used her sleeping mode on Chunky too. So the squirrels knew that whenever they needed help they could easily visit their human friends and got whatever they need.