Woman races against time to help 2-pound Great Dane walk

LB has fostered many animals and knows how to deal with them. when she heard about the 2 pounds Great Dane she wanted to help the puppy. The dog was born with his paws curled over like a ballerina’s toes. The woman named him Forrest from Forrest Gump.

The poor dog grew up very fast but every pound meant as the walking became more and more difficult. LB contacted many vets but the answer was the same. Soon one of the clinics told her about a dog named Lumen.

Lumen had the same problem as Forrest. But fortunately, his owners found a doctor that healed the paws by surgery. The dog had been in the same clinic in Tijuana to be put down. But soon kind people adopted him and even healed him. Lumen’s owner connected LB to their vet at Oregon State. Soon LB and her dog were on their way to San Diego, California & then to Eugene, Oregon, to meet Lumen’s vets. Forrest should stay there for a few months but he had many foster parents including Lumen’s owners. Lumen and Forrest were good friends.

After having surgery on 4 paws the dog started to recover. 5 months later he was ready to go back to his lovely LB and meet her new boyfriend Tyler. Tyler and Forret became best friends and soon the guy adopted the big goofy Great Dane.