Woman sets up a hammock for big mama bear and her three little bears

Amy is always happy to see her lovely bear family playing in her garden. Mother Bertha and young siblings Darryl and Darryl have fun when they visit Amy’s garden.

Amy had other bear guests too but these ones are special as they stayed longer. Amy managed to capture some adorable moments with her camera but from a distance. The bears were excitingly playing with their mom. And Amy decided to make their playtime even better.

The kind woman has put some toys to cheer the bears family up. When Amy put rubber balls the bears couldn’t keep their emotions and played with them with great pleasure.

Recently they broke Amy’s hammock and now she has put another one. The babies were exited. They climbed and fel and did it again and again. There was a moment when mama and her babies were finally on the hammock but a few seconds later they fell. But this all was so funny. A kind-hearted woman made bears days happier and funnier.