It’s not uncommon for Catey Hall to find her father dozing on the couch when she visits him. Hall’s father, on the other hand, never sleeps alone; dogs from all around the neighborhood join him in one huge cozy pile.

“On a regular basis, Dad sees, plays with, and naps with one or more of these dogs,” Hall told The Dodo. “When they see his automobile, they go up to him and follow him inside.”

Lon Watson, Hall’s father, has always loved dogs and works with the local rescue Pound on the Hill to ensure that all animals receive the care they require.

“My father has saved stray dogs for as long as I can remember,” Hall added. “We always had a dog when I was a kid.” However, there was always room for a needy stray. There’s room for several now that he and his wife live alone. Many cooperate with local rescue organizations to find homes for the dogs who are in need; nevertheless, not all of the dogs are re-homed, and they remain with Dad for the rest of their lives.”

Watson lives with four dogs, all of which he and his wife rescued and healed.

Hooch, Fluffer-Nutter, and Rosie, all of whom reside close and have a unique relationship with Watson, pay him frequent visits.

The dogs in the neighborhood are content to wait all day for some one-on-one time with Watson.

“The neighborhood is located in a semi-rural Alabama area that is unorganized.” “Because the houses are situated back from the street, the dogs can safely bounce from house to house,” Hall explained. “The dogs can generally hear my father’s truck approaching and will come running to greet him in the driveway.”