Soothing piano music relaxes the mighty male elephant, watch how he enjoys it

Elephants are animals that show both power and tranquility. The saved elephants at Elephants World in Thailand have the interesting capacity to pay attention to volunteers play piano for them on occasion.

A bull elephant named Chaichana, who lives here, is known for being fretful now and again. In the late evening, Chaichana remains by the piano and stamps his feet, anticipating a melody.

The piano player obliges the elephant’s solicitation and plays two pieces by Edvard Grieg: “Air” and “Arietta.”

The anxious bull elephant sits down on the shore, plunging his legs in the cool water.He folds his ears cheerfully and waves his trunk about as though he’s moving to the mitigating music.

He swings his feet this way and that in the water like a youngster at play. Chaichana provides the piano player with a snort of endorsement as he begins to play the subsequent piece.

This elephant changed from a wad of energy to a loose and quiet, delicate goliath with the force of music.

The musician addresses him like a close buddy. He noticed how Chaichana has a specific preference for Grieg.

At the point when the music is finished, the elephant smoothly gets to his feet and walks off.Music is an astounding gift that contacts people as well as creatures like elephants.

These astute animals know how to see the value in craftsmanship and get it as a delightful gift.